Why Soft Skills?

In today's world, clearing a job interview requires much more than academic qualifications and an impressive resusme.

People fail to make to the top in spite of possessing the best of technical knowledge. What is missing? Soft skills, of course.

Tips to keep in mind.


In today’s competitive times, a good set of social skills isn’t just merely an additional qualification to your CV, but something that is mandatory for your growth. These include self-awareness, facility with language, sense of responsibility, team-playing abilities, flexibility, friendliness, and many more. Soft skills complement hard skills.



Are soft skills hard to acquire? Not really. Developing soft skills is an art, and with practice, one can really improve. One may not find it easy to change the way one thinks, but can definitely strive to project a better self before the world. An honest introspection can go a long way in helping you to understand your weaker points. If you have difficulties speaking to others, practice talking in front of a mirror. A direct look in the eye, a firm handshake accompanied by a gentle smile can work wonders in making a positive first impression. Dressing appropriately for an occasion, maintaining personal hygiene are some of the basic steps you can take in order to improve your soft skills.

Soft skills, of course, mean a lot more than just outward appearance. The ability to remain firm under pressure, dealing diplomatically in tense situations, making instant decisions, being a teamplayer, and exhibiting an eagerness to be on a continual learning curve are some of the more important aspects that

employers look for while recruiting a person. With proper soft skills, a person may be able to convey all these in the short span of an interview. This substantiates its necessity, and its prime importance to someone who aspires to climb to the top of the success ladder.



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