Body language


It’s not just the way you communicate but how you communicate in conjunction with your body language, facial expressions and gestures, which is an essential part of good social skills. Your body language speaks volumes about your attitude to the subject of discussion, your confidence levels and your knowledge about the subject.Namsoftskills help you understand not only what you and others are speaking but also what is not being spoken and still be clear as a writing on the wall.


Interacting with people is an unavoidable facet in a career and in life in general. Shyness is a blockade that needs to be overcome as each career sphere would require an assertive approach in body language.


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  • Arjun Bhardwaj ,IIT
    Good presentations accompanied with good ice breaker games. Excellent lectures , very beneficial for ...


  • Brig P Paul
    Really great and helpfull workshop carried out. It is good to see the response of the students. Each ...


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