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Facing a crisis is usually not something you feel prepared for; crises happen quickly and unexpectedly, for the most part. This newsletter brings information for those coping with a crisis, as well as those dealing with everyday stress and stress that falls somewhere in between.We want to create a lifestyle that is in sync with our values, a schedule that includes health-promoting habits, and a perspective that helps us roll with the punches in life. All of these things are part of  stress management, and can significantly reduce the level of stress we feel in our day-to-day lives. There are times, however, that we face stressors that throw us off-balance, regardless of our preparatory stress relief plans.


This is because life cannot always be planned, and “balance” is not static. The schedule, attitude, or general lifestyle you regularly maintain may be thrown off by a major illness or injury, a lost job, or an important relationship gone south. Here is when the need for centeredness comes in. When hold ourselves to unrealistic standards of coping ease, we infuse more stress into an already-stressful situation. Even life’s minor challenges can create the need for adjustments. We make these adjustments every time we take on a new activity, cope with conflicts in our relationships, or even get a poor night of sleep. Getting centered can require minor or major adjustments, but when we don’t manage these stressors we face, it’s harder to stay in balance.


That is why it is also important to know how to regain a feeling of centeredness. Sometimes in life, we may get knocked down by unexpected or particularly toxic stressors. Whether or not we stay down, however, is a choice. When we are operating from a place of feeling overwhelmed—when our stress response is triggered and we are reacting rather than responding—we can create a downward spiral of additional stressors to contend with.


There are various types of stresses as

1.Job Stress

2.School Stress

3.Financial Stress

4.Relationship Stress

5.Traits and Attitudes That Increase Stress


We at Namsoftskills have designed special programs for school children, adolescents, college students and finally professionals to help you not only cope with stress but also come out of it.


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