Active Listening


The best quality anyone would love from you is to be heard patiently and with curiosity, spiced with appreciation. Can you remember yourself rating the doctor who hears you patiently and with positive reinforcements as the best doctor of the world? Same is the case with everyone.


Be silent and listen with not just your ears but all your senses. Develop an open and receptive posture. Let the speaker feel comfortable speaking to you as if his words are God’s commandments being heard just one time. (Want a tutor for developing listening techniques? Try out a one and a half year old child who is yet to start speaking and see how the child literally lip reads each word being said, now that’s what an active listener is all about.)


The more you become aware of your own filters, behaviors and patterned responses the more you will recognize them in others. The rule says that the left side of your body being near to the heart is much more receptive than the right side. Test yourself ever by bringing the left side of your body forward eg. Incline to the left or bring your left foot forward towards the speaker or may be extend your left hand and see the speaker feel more relaxed and comfortable with you!!!


We at Namsoftskills not only help you understand the techniques of active listening but also actually transform you into one.


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