Tips to keep in mind


1.Be a proactive listener and attentive.

2.Dress code should be appropriate for your work environment.

3.Avoid political and religious comments in the workplace.

4.Your communication should not provoke others.

5.Find opportunities to communicate with others.

6.Do not speak ill of colleagues or customers.

7.Nobody will hear you if who you are is being said louder than what you are saying.

8.Look softly and directly at your listeners.

9.Distinguish self esteem from self confidence.

10.Learn to discover what is not being said and read in between lines the hidden messages.

11.Use gravity in your favor. Stand upright instead of uptight.

12. Distinguish between what is being said from what is being heard.

13. Try remembering names,no one likes to be called “hey you”.

14. First impression is made up of 55% visual impact i.e. dress, facial expression and body language; 38%tone of the voice;7% of what you actually say.

15. Spend time learning about people and places you are connected to.

16. See people through their eyes as how they like to be seen in addition to what you see.

17. Recognize that little details make the big picture.

18. Set personal , professional and organizational goals.

19. Focus on immediate needs but future consequences.

20. Be firm on your determination to succeed.

21. keep smiling and remain happy. Everything happens for the good.


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