Confidence Building


Do you know that you could be more valuable, but you don’t know exactly how? Namsoftskills helps you understand your unique strengths. You will learn where you re superior, and understand what your success so far has been built on.

With Namsoftskills you will learn to lead yourself where you want to go without hesitation. You will also get concrete advice on interacting with others, both in one-to-one situations and in teams.


Namsoftskills helps you google into yourself. You will understand who you truly are. Sooner than you think, you will have built a strong vision of your unique future and you are taking the first steps into it.


Namsoftskills provides you with:

• Strong confidence about yourself and your ability to succeed

• Deep understanding of your competencies, drivers and values

• Support and encouragement to reach your ultimate future goal

• Virtual coach to take yourself through the challenges on your journey of life



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  • Arjun Bhardwaj ,IIT
    Good presentations accompanied with good ice breaker games. Excellent lectures , very beneficial for ...


  • Brig P Paul
    Really great and helpfull workshop carried out. It is good to see the response of the students. Each ...


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