Positive Thinking & Positive Attitude


Research shows the benefits of optimism and a positive frame of mind are huge: optimists enjoy better health, stronger relationships, are more productive, and experience less stress, among other things. This is because optimists tend to take more risks, and blame external circumstances if they fail, maintaining a 'try again' mindset; this makes them more likely to succeed in the future, and less upset by failure in general. Pessimists, on the other hand, tend to blame themselves when things go wrong, becoming more reluctant to try again with each negative experience in life. They begin to look at positive events in their lives as 'flukes' that have nothing to do with them, and expect the worst. In this way, optimists and pessimists both create self-fulfilling prophecies.


Positive thinking makes negative events less stressful


When you understand this, it becomes more clear how optimism and positive self-talk can impact your stress levels, as can pessimism and negative self-talk. Negative events are less stressful when you see them as 'not your fault', and less likely to recur. Similarly, positive events are even sweeter when you see them as evidence of more to come, and see yourself as the master of your own fate. Additionally,because of the difference in behavior in optimists vs. pessimists, those who habitually practice positive thinking tend to experience more success, which can add up to a less stressful life.


Fortunately, optimism can be learned. We here at Namsoftskills with your help and practice, can change your self-talk (your inner dialogue, what you say to yourself about what you're experiencing) and your explanatory style (the specific ways that optimists and pessimists process their experiences).


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