Social & Communication Skills


Effective communication doesn’t mean only using the right words, it also means observing. You need to observe the people around you, introspect the situation and understand what would keep the person you are dealing with interested and what would turn them off. In a bid to make interactions effective, it is important that you hone your communication skills. Co-worker interactions, professionalism, work ethics and critical thinking or problem solving abilities are all highly pivotal soft skills one has to reflect in the working world . It helps in building good relationships and getting your point across effectively.


In these days of globalised functioning, cross-cultural competence is a valued trait. Often we note that some people, friends or colleagues, are socially skilful people. We perceive them as affable and amiable people. Even if provoked, they are able to respond in a way that will not aggravate a situation, yet they clearly make their wishes known, they correctly assess and interpret verbal or non-verbal messages and in the generally understood meaning of the term, 'social' they enjoy meeting and interacting with people. Namsoftskills will ensure that you are also counted as one of very social and very effective communicators.


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