Team spirit


Best way to learn what team work is, can be seen by this example. Russi Mody introduced in Jamshedpur TATA Steel what today can be called as the seed of team work. He introduced something called the picnics at company’s expense for the full day for each production unit. Not only would everyone enjoy these taking pains to make it successful but also Russi would himself join in, sit crosslegged on the floor and eat meals with his hands. Russi Mody’s vision was “If you do things together, you will work together”.


Be it in society, school, college, professional world you ought to at one level or the other work as a team with someone. In organizations it is a must. As an indivisual you may be great but if you don’t fit in the team it’s like you are a truck’s tyre worthless to a car owner who requires a fourth car tyre to move his car. Even if you don’t possess the requisite qualities of a great team fit ,you can acquire them and we at Namsoftskills shall help you do the same.


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